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Faculty «St.Petersburg Higher School of State and Corporate Management»


The Faculty has been operating since 2oo4, and has always been targeted on providing tuition to graduates involved in state and municipal administration.

Among our alumni are the top executives of the President’s of the Russian Federation Office, the Government of the RF, regional and city authorities, and big businesses.

The faculty is run by the dean – Eduard A. Nekhvjadovitch , Deputy Director, PhD (Pedagogy), Assistant Professor, and two deputy deans supervising 27 staff. There is the organization division, the educational division, the distance learning and e-learning division, the patent examining and intellectual property division, and the Business school.

The programs run by the Faculty:

State and Municipal Administration

HR Management



The Faculty provides training to more than 2000 students annually.

Much attention is given to developing and implementing innovative teaching techniques :

  • “Academic Meetings”- lectures given by the alumni and round table discussions run by the graduates involved in relevant practical activities,
  • Theoretical and practical seminars on the issues of management, economics and politics attended by students, lecturers and practitioners working in respective fields,
  • Field master classes and training courses,
  • In-depth training courses and internships with the legislative and executive bodies of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region,
  • Overseas traineeships,
  • Electronic testing techniques employed to evaluate students’ progress.

All the class-rooms are equipped with modern teaching facilities. Lectures and seminars are given by high profile academics.

The Faculty offers both full-time tuition and a correspondence course involving two 20 day examination periods during the first year, and two 25 day examination periods during subsequent academic years.

The evening course involves two academic terms, 4 class hour days per week, with the examination period at the end of each term.

University graduates and individuals having professional secondary education can take an external degree with the Faculty if they have sufficient experience in relevant fields.

The Faculty offers each student his/her individual academic trajectory considering his/her background. Individual consultations are given to students to help them to carry out their independent investigations and to develop their unique course syllabi.




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