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North-West Institute of Management





Vladimir Shamakhov

Doctor of Economics, Candidate of History, Professor

1st Class Actual State Councilor of Russian Federation






The North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Federation Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration is the largest European Higher Educational Institution, which trains state and municipal officials.


The Institute faces new challenges – it aims not only to train and upgrade public officials and managers for a wide scope of fields of economy and business, but also to provide methodological support to various reforms of state and municipal government as well as to the social and economic domain.    

Public administration is the image of the State itself. Thus the North-Western Institute of Management of today meets the highest demands placed on advanced training of government officials.  Nine departments and thirty three sub-departments offer their tuition at the Institute. We run fourteen Bachelor and Magistrate degree courses:

The Department of State and Municipal Administration offers training in public and municipal administration, business administration and personnel management.

The Department of Law is in charge of lawyers’ training

The Department of Economics and Finance trains specialists in economics and finance, economic security, business information technology and customs service.

The Department of International Relations educates in the field of international relations.

The Department of Social Technologies qualifies staff to work for publicity and PR management, social promotion, psychology and journalism.

The Department of Comparative Political Studies instructs in political science.

The Saint-Petersburg High School of Public and Corporate Administration Department offers an opportunity of the second higher education for Bachelor Degree in Public and Municipal administration, business administration, psychology, personnel management, economics and law.

Faculty of professional training and retraining runs 90 programs of further training and career enhancement.

We carry out dozens of apprenticeship contracts for public and municipal workers, the managers of public sector, business communities, etc.  Our institute implements innovative advanced education projects, with the national project on the run-up of the managing staff for healthcare and education sectors among them.

The vocational school – The Social training college of the North-Western Institute of Management trains professional staff in prosthetic and orthopaedic appliances as well as rehabilitation technology, economics and accountancy, law and organization of social maintenance.


The North-Western  Institute of Management has signed  working agreements with the Government of the Leningrad region, the Council of Municipal Entities of the Leningrad region Society,  Ministry of the Interior agencies of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region, the North-Western branch of  Sberbank of Russia,  the Transport Agency of the North-West, the Marketing club of Saint-Petersburg, the Zenit football club and many others.

There is the Supervisory council playing an important role in the daily living activities of the Institute and providing it with financial support. In addition the council acts on behalf of the Institute in its interaction with the authorities and on behalf of civil community in case of the Institute’s disputes.  The Endowment Fund of the North-Western Institute of Management was created in 2012.

Research and Development Centre

The North-Western Institute of Management is one of the largest research and development centers of Saint-Petersburg.  Top priority goals of the research are the theory and practice of public administration, state service and local self-management.

We take pride in the Centre of In-depth and Applied research of social science, with its research and development projects aimed at upgrading the methods of effective public administration.

The Institute values itself on the post-graduate courses on a number of  fields in economics, law, political  and social studies, psychology, history as well as  our own Dissertation Council on political science.

The North-Western Institute of Management cooperates closely with the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Eurasian Economic Community. The Centre of Eurasian Research with an office of the Eurasian Economic Community and the Customs Union documents was set up at the Institute. It offers access to the rare and exclusive records of the Eurasian Economic Community.  The projects on the Youth Assembly of the Eurasian Economic Community housed by the Institute are well under way.  

One of the key advantages of the Institute is its highly qualified teaching personnel. Doctors and candidates of science make up more than 80 per cent of its staff. Focus is made on research, development and application of advanced education technologies. No wonder our motto is “Mindset – Modernization – Mobilization – Motivation – Materialization”.  

Scientific activity

Research activity of the North-West institute of management - branch of a RANEPA is carried out in the scientific directions corresponding to a profile of higher education institution, operating specialties of postgraduate education and the priority directions of development of science.  High level of research works is provided with the high personnel capacity of the Institute.

The main direction of research activity of North-West Institute of Management is "Efficiency of public administration in Russia".  Within this direction the questions concerning administrative reform, the organization of local government, legal support of processes of reforming of the public and municipal service, personnel policy, an assessment of personnel potential of the civil and municipal servants in the North-West federal district, new educational technologies in the education and retraining of personnel in sphere for the public and municipal administration are investigated.

The organization of scientific work leans on a creative initiative of chairs which conduct researches as on fundamental problems in the sphere of the scientific interests, and on applied subjects on a wide range of scientific areas:  economy, management, sociology, political science, philology.

Leading scientists of the Institute, developing researches in the chosen direction, bring together round itself followers and pupils and form Scientific schools.  Within such creative associations preparation of master's and doctoral dissertations is carried out, scientific seminars and conferences are held, collective monographs are published.

The important place in scientific researches of Institute is taken by the works, ordered by the federal and regional authorities, devoted to development of the wide range of questions, connected with realization of reform of public service and local government in the country. In scientific researches the Institute cooperates with: Government of St. Petersburg, Government of the Leningrad Region, Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Interparliamentary Assembly of the Euroasian Economic Community, regional and municipal authorities of North-West Federal District.

In the Institute on a regular basis international, regional scientific and practical conferences, seminars, discussions and round tables on problems of social, economic and political development of the country are held.


The scientific and practical journal "Administrative Consulting" is issued by North-West institute of Management since 1995. His founder is Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Moscow).

In February, 2010, by the decision of Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, it is included in the List of leading reviewed scientific journals.

The data concerning the edition and publications are included in the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION RAN) database. Since 2005, articles of the journal are placed in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Among authors of the journal – distinguished Russian and foreign scientists, politicians, state civil servants. The journal issues monthly. According to the list of obligatory mailing the journal is sent to heads of public authorities, Scientific Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the largest libraries. Articles published in the edition, take place in resources of the Russian scientific electronic library. Editorial Council of the Journal - well-known scientists of Russia and foreign countries, honored workers of science of the Russian Federation.

The Administrative Consulting has a subscription index in the Integrated catalogues - "Press of Russia" - 82909; "Rospechat’" - "Newspapers. Journals" - 70107

The publication can be placed, using electronic "System of documents of an editorial board of the scientific journal". This resource providing loading by the author his/her article on-line.

International activities

The Institute’s activities are focused on the globalization of educational processes and scientific research.  Today they are coordinated with the programs of 32 higher educational institutions and entities of 20 countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe and Asia.  

The Institute caters for high level academic coordination, boosts students and teachers’ potential mobility, implements innovative international projects and research studies, conducts expert assessments and provides advisory services.

Studies at the Institute offers one a chance to get cross-cultural  background,  complete a training course at collaborating universities of France, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Germany, as well as participate in  pre-graduation, educational  and on-the-job  training programs in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, China, the Baltic states and many others. Participation in international research projects and conferences has been made possible, too.

We provide training on the two-fold French and Russian program for a Bachelor of Economics degree.

The Students Research and Development Council and the Council of Young Scientists participate actively in the work of the Institute. Most favorable conditions and facilities are provided for professional growth, self-development, initiatives and creative potential accomplishment. A variety of community-based organizations and creative teams are in full operation at the Institute. Thanks to the active commitment of the departments the graduates of the Institute are kept in touch with.

The Institute offers accommodation in two dormitories and out-of-town training centre on the Gulf of Finland shore. The students are provided broad facilities to practice a variety of sports.

Interview with a foreign student >> Wilson Orozco: «Beauty of Saint-Petersburg almost makes me want to cry»

199178, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Sredniy prospect, Vasilyevsky Island, 57/43

(812) 335-94-94





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