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The Department of Comparative Political Studies (DCPS) was established by the decision of Academic Council of RANEPA on February 21, 2012.

The DCPS focuses on creating a fundamentally new academic product. The uniqueness of the faculty is based on the combination of three key components:

• development of an integrated bachelor programme in the field of political sciences;

• real contribution to the international research and participation in the contemporary world and Russian discussions;

• formation of the Faculty staff from the new generation of professionals who received degrees in political sciences in Russia and abroad.

Educational activities of the DCPS are based on the really integrated system of training courses. The content of courses helps to prepare wide-range specialists, able to build independently their learning path according to personal preferences and requirements of the external environment. Faculty aims to produce specialists who understands the dynamics of Russian and global political processes and able to use this knowledge in practice of state and municipal services.

The DCPS works in accordance with the principles of the Bologna system, including intensive language training (English and French), implementation of individual-oriented model of education and transition to credit-modular system of educational process.

Direction of faculty

The Dean of DCPS is Ms. Estelle Lezean

The Deputy Dean is Mr. Iurii G. Agafonov

Main courses

According to the curriculum of courses the first two years are devoted to in-depth study of the basic questions of political theory and governance, as well as intensive study of English and French.

The third and the fourth year of the programme imply training on the unique for Russia individual plan: the student chooses one of the two modules. The student could study courses not only from the chosen model, but also from the other in any combination which corresponds to student preferences.

Module “Political ideas and institutions” includes courses: Political regimes, parties and electoral behavior in comparative perspective;  Anti-Corruption Policy;

• Political transformation;

• Theories of democracy and republicanism.

Module “Public policy and administration: the European experience” includes:

• The European public administration and bureaucracy;

• Institutes and integration theory;

• The European model of regional and municipal administration.

Science and student life of the faculty

The Research Center operates in the framework of the DCPS. Its mission is the research on topical problems of modern society, facilitating of the implementation of the concept of Research University, which implies the combination of education and science.

The DCPS regularly conducts scientific events on the most relevant topics of modern political science. Faculty invites Russian and foreign special lecturers. The DCPS lecturers are involved in programmes of academic mobility and international conferences.

Students of the faculty actively participate in social life of the Institute and the city; they participate in conferences and project competitions. Student council also operates on the faculty.

The third year students have the possibility to spend a semester abroad: in Paris Institute of Political Sciences, the Institute of Political Sciences at the University of Bordeaux or Paris East Créteil Val de Marne.

The mission of the Department of Comparative Political Studies is:

  • to establish an international environment for equal communication of young people (students) from all over the world;
  • to give the possibility for students in the field of political sciences from Europe and the United States to glance at Russia, Russian society and politics from the inside and to get high-quality world-class education in St. Petersburg which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.



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