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February 10, 2015

Course "Global governance" Dr Iain Ferguson 

Dr Iain Ferguson joined the Department of comparative political studies for the Spring semester 2015-2016 as a visiting research fellow and lecturer. Dr Ferguson received his PhD from the University of St Andrews in 2013. He worked at the research center Global Constitutionalism at St Andrews. He also taught courses at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests span across the fields of international relations, global governance, relations between Russia and the EU member-states.

In Spring semester Dr Ferguson will teach a course "Global governance". The course will examine the structures of global governance, the link between governance and international security, world trade, environmental protection and human rights. Students will study the past and present of global governance with the view of understanding how it acquired its present shape, and exploring its key controversies: great power rivalry and global civil society movement.

We are pleased to offer you syllabus of the course “Global governance” (Download). Enclosed please find detailed description of the topics of lectures and seminars, course assessment, and literature.

 November 22, 2015

The day of open doors at the Institute. 


Special thanks to all staff and students who presented our Department at the event!


November 19, 2015

New Student Council of the Department elected


New members include:

Tatiana Shevchuk (the Head), Alexei Grischuk, Anastasia Loskutova, Tatiana Drozdova, Anastasia Mironova, Anna Karpunina, Andrei Kolomatskii, Anastasia Manzhosova, Igor Pakhomov, Alina Bulavina


November 13-15, 2015

Educational training sessions 


Escape  from routine. Educational training sessions outside the city. Programme includes master-classes, student council campaigning, and a Halloween party.


October 22, 2015

The Institute’s talent contest


Most awaited student event of the Autumn – the Institute’s talent contest. Congrats to our freshmen on the terrific debut!



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