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Global Studies in Russia

One-year International Program in St.Petersburg

"Global Studies in Russia" is an integrated high-profile English language program in political science launched by the Department of comparative political studies (DCPS), RANEPA's brand-new innovative educational school in political science, located in Saint-Petersburg. 


The quality of teaching is ensured by the DCPS's independent International Advisory Board (IAB). The Program is being created with the advice and active support of the DCPS's independent International Advisory Board (IAB) composed of world-renowned academics. The IAB members are Dominique Colas (Science Po, France), Vladimir Gelman (European University at Saint Petersburg, Russia), Henry Hale (George Washington University, the USA), Peter Rutland (Wesleyan University, the USA) and Petra Stykow (University of Munich, Germany).


"Global studies in Russia" focuses on Russian studies and promotes the genuine interest to the Russian politics, language and culture among the international students majored in political science and complementary fields.


The program is taught by DCPS faculty members proficient in English who gained vast international teaching and research experience, and by the prominent invited professors.


"Global Studies in Russia" welcomes international bachelor students and BA degree holders interested in major fields of political science and having the particular interests in Post-Soviet and Russian Studies.


Structure of the programme


Comparative Political Systems - 8 ECTS (course convenor: Dr. Vitaly Gorokhov)

Urban Studies and Politics - 6 ECTS (course convenor: Dr. Ilya Matveev)

Russian Studies - 8 ECTS (course convenor: Dr. Ekaterina Melnikova)

Russian Language - 8 ECTS (course convenor: Dr. Tatyana Bunina)


Global Governance - 8 ECTS (course convenor: Dr. Iain Ferguson)

Post-Soviet Studies - 8 ECTS (course convenor: Dr. Ilya Matveev)

Russian Politics - 8 ECTS (course convenor: Dr. Veronika Pasynkova)

Russian Language - 6 ECTS (course convenor: Dr. Tatyana Bunina)

"Global studies in Russia" is an integral part of the main DCPS bachelor program partially taught in English. Students enrolled in DCPS' main Russian language BA program are strongly encouraged to enroll in the courses of the "Global studies in Russia" curriculum.

Info for Applicants 


  1. English language requirements: TOEFL minimum score 250 (CBT) or 100 (IBT) or 600 (PBT)
  2. At least four semesters of undergraduate studies.
To apply please send your application form together with other requested documents to administrator.fspi@sziu.ru

Required documents:

  1. Application form Download file
  2. CV
  3. Motivation Letter
  4. Certificate of language proficiency (language certificate issiued by your home university will be sufficient)
  5. Official transcripts of all university degree studies
  6. Photocopy of the first page of your passport
  7. Letter of recommendation

 Deadline for applications is April 30, each year. 

Highlight partners:

We have exchange agreements with following universities:

Sciences Po Paris

Sciences Po Bordeaux

University Paris-Est Créteil

For partners:

Students apply through their home universities.

For more information please contact Ekaterina Volkova administrator.fspi@sziu.ru


Accommodation in a dormitory located in the historic center of the city on Basil Island. Double room in an apartment with shared facilities and kitchen in a comfortable student hostel.

Student Visa:

Entry visas are required for most foreign citizens coming to Russia. In view of ever going changes in international policies it is advisable to check up with the nearest Russian Consulate what current visa regulations imply.

Following your admission to the DCPS you will receive an original invitation letter by express-mail and one copy by e-mail. At the nearest Russian Consulate you will need ti present a valid passport, an original invitation letter and a visa application form. Please check with the Consulate what other documents might be needed to apply for a visa. 

We ask you to pay to special attention to the fact that the procedure of submitting and processing the documents in all relating offices may take up to 1,5 months from the moment of receiving the student`s filled form and passport copy till the visa is issued.


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