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DCPS fellows are participants of Russian and international research projects.

In 2008-2009 VitaIу Gorokhov took part in the project "Training a New Generation of Russian Socal Scientists" in the Center for Political Studies at the University of Michigan.

In 2010 Vitaly Gorokhov and Veronika Pasynkova (with Olga Chepournaya) got a venture grant from he Commission for Academic Planning at the European University at St. Petersburg for development of the research proposal "State intervention to Russian professional football to the UEFA.

In 2012 Veronika Pasynkova got a grant for the development of the sonography "Sport and politics in Europe". The grant was provided by the Center for European Studies - EU Center at the European University a' St. Petersburg for the project "Support of development of the Center for European Studies - EU Center in the North-West of Russia".

In 2012 Vitally Gorohov received a grant of Russian council on international affairs and took part in the sessions of training program "Global science".

In 2013 Maria Safonova took part in the project “Mathematical Modeling of international student mobility”. The grant was provided by The Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The research goal is to map international student flows and to check some ideas about the importance of certain factors.


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