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eu flag co funded pos rgb leftThe team of the Jean Monnet Academic Module
“The influence of migration and socio-demographic processes on the periphery
of the European integration. Legal political and humanitarian aspects”:

Project manager
Vadim Atnshev, PhD.

Vadim Atnashev is a graduate of the Oriental Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, the French University College (Sorbonne) in St. Petersburg, the Law Faculty of the North-Western Academy of Public Administration (now NWIM RANEPA), PhD in philology, Associate Professor.
Vadim Atnashev  is an author of a large number of scientific publications on the oriental studies, ethnography, the constitutional law of the countries of South-East Asia, international law and conflictology. Speaks six foreign languages (European and Oriental). The main areas of scientific interests are international human rights law, the settlement of ethnic conflicts and citizenship issues. Since 2008, he works at the Department of International and Humanitarian Law of the NWIM RANEPA , delivers lecture courses on various international law subjects.
Member of the All-Russian Society of Orientalists, Association of Researchers of Public Policy and Management in the Middle East, the Russian-Vietnamese Friendship Society.​


Dmitry Popov, PhD.

Graduated with honors from the Faculty of History of St. Petersburg State University in 2005.
Specialization - the history of ethno-social conflicts in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. In 2005, enrolled in postgraduate school of the Department of Political Science of St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University and in the same year began his teaching career in the sphere of higher education.
Specializes in teaching subjects of socio-humanitarian cycle. In 2009, he defended his PhD thesis: “Phenomenon of socio-ethnic conflict in the post-global world”.
Author of more than 30 scientific works on social philosophy, domestic and foreign history, political science, international relations and educational work in high schools, co-author of toolkits.
Participant of international and regional conferences on social and humanitarian topics.
Area of scientific interests - applied politics, international relations,  PR in international relations, social philosophy.


Dmitry Novik, PhD.

Specialist in the sphere of international relations, PhD in history of international relations with the focus on the United Nations system history, multilateral cooperation and scientific collaboration. Dmitry Novik is the director of the Centre for International Project Activities under the NWIM RANEPA Department of International Cooperation. This Centre is responsible for all NWIM international projects, so Dmitry's role in the project is two-fold: a lecturer and the coordinator of project activities.


Technical coordinator 
Viktoria Morozova

Master of public administration and Bachelor in political science. Viktoria's main focus are the NGOs' activities and their international collaboration. Viktoria is an international coordinator in the Centre for International Project Activities. She is the Module's technical coordinator responsible for the technical organization of all activities within the project. 



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